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By David Olenick

Sleep with a stranger!

"I own you." Yes coffee, you do.

The coffee one, though…

God dammit, Tequi qui, not again.

Tequi qui

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this gets funnier every year 




this gets funnier every year 


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Rin got herself some nice hide armor =) 

Rin got herself some nice hide armor =) 

Re-made Lylianthar. Slightly tweaked his appearance - the general idea remained the same but I guess he looks a bit more snarky now. I like that better ^_^

And he finally got 5th level and got some decent clothes! Somehow I don’t like guys in dresses >_<

*makes ungodly loud screeches* SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 


Maybe you'll die. Maybe we'll all die. 
If nobody stops the darkspawn, we'll die for sure.

➳ daveth for anonymous

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I hope the makers of this are ready to be millionaires

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Bits and pieces. Ch3. Letters.

Someone has been procrastinating, so it’s a very short chapter (yep, even shorter than the previous two) mainly to give an insight into Rin’s and Lian’s relationship with their family members.

Ryn’s letter is from her twin brother, Rynion. Geldor is their older brother.
Lian’s letter is from his older sister, Tharawen.

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Rin and Lian, in-game screenshots

Bits and pieces. Ch2.

“Ah, Lian, there you are! Come, we have a guest, and she needs some help with special guild’s library archives.” Valaste motioned him to approach her and a small dark-haired Bosmer who was standing with her back to him. “Rin, this is Lylianthar, one of our most prominent young mages. Lian, this is –”

The emerald green met golden honey.

"An insane and drunk tavern wench, apparently," the Bosmer finished for her. 

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Bits and pieces. Ch1.

"What am I doing wrong, huh?" A tiny Bosmer elf looked over the rim of the cup with spiced tea across the table at her Khajiit friend and soul confidante. "He said that I’m reckless and intimidating! Intimidating! Can you believe that?”

    “Mmm… You can be that, this one thinks.”


    “Hey! Don’t look at this one like that! Remember that thug back at Khenarthi’s Roost - you promised to castrate him if he doesn’t leave this one alone and—”

    “But he did threaten you, Ragi; that makes the difference! That guy hasn’t threatened any of my friends. Or me… What am I doing wrong? I really want some sort of proper relationship, someone who cares for me, not just a one-night stand, you know! Girls can dream, right?”

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The Elder Scrolls Online Concept Artworks


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